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Himmelmann / Serck-Hanssen

The Court of Reason

Proceedings of the 13th International Kant Congress

Medium: Buch
ISBN: 978-3-11-070070-1
Verlag: De Gruyter
Erscheinungstermin: 08.11.2021
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The Proceedings present the contributions to the 13th International Kant Congress which was held at the University of Oslo, August 6-9, 2019. The congress, which hosted speakers from more than thirty countries and five continents, was dedicated to the topic of the court of reason. The idea that reason stands before itself as a tribunal characterizes the whole of Kant's critical project. Without such a court, reason falls into conflict with itself. With such a court in place, however, it may succeed in establishing the possibility and limits of metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, law and science. The idea of reason being its own judge is not only pivotal to a proper understanding of Kant's philosophy, but can also shed light on the burgeoning fields of meta-philosophy and philosophical methodology. The 2019 Kant Congress put special emphasis on Kant's methodology, his account of conceptual critique, and the relevance of his ideas to current issues in especially political philosophy and the philosophy of law. Additional sections discussed a wide range of topics in Kant's philosophy. The Proceedings will provide anyone who is interested in exploring the variety of present-day work on Kant and Kantian themes with a wealth of fruitful inspiration.


  • Artikelnummer: 9783110700701
  • Medium: Buch
  • ISBN: 978-3-11-070070-1
  • Verlag: De Gruyter
  • Erscheinungstermin: 08.11.2021
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Himmelmann, Beatrix

Serck-Hanssen, Camilla