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Doleski / Freunek

Handbook of Electrical Power Systems

Energy Technology and Management in Dialogue

Medium: Buch
ISBN: 978-3-11-126412-7
Verlag: De Gruyter
Erscheinungstermin: 19.08.2024
vorbestellbar, Erscheinungstermin ca. August 2024
Bridging the technical and the economical worlds of the energy sector and establishing a solid understanding of today's energy supply as a complex system– with these missions in mind, the book at hand compactly describes the fundamentals of electrical power supply in a dialogue between technology and non-technology, between academia and practitioners, and between nations and continents. Today, energy supply is a complex global system – it is time for a dialogue of the disciplines. In this book, experts explain in an understandable manner the technical foundations and selected specific aspects of today's electrical power supply. Each chapter supplies a fundamental introduction in layman's terms to the topic and serves technical specialists both as a reference and as an opportunity to expand their knowledge. Practical examples and case studies complete the compendium. Technology and economics in the energy sector work on the same questions out of different perspectives. The increasing complexity and interconnections and the epochal upheavals in the energy sector make a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector as a system an essential requirement. This necessitates an ongoing and successful dialogue between the disciplines and between academia and practitioners. To that aim, this book serves both as a compact reference for everyone interested in the energy sector and as a true translation aid between the professional disciplines.


  • Artikelnummer: 9783111264127
  • Medium: Buch
  • ISBN: 978-3-11-126412-7
  • Verlag: De Gruyter
  • Erscheinungstermin: 19.08.2024
  • Sprache(n): Englisch
  • Auflage: 1. Auflage 2024
  • Serie: De Gruyter Reference
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  • Seiten: 982
  • Format (B x H): 170 x 240 mm
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Doleski, Oliver D.

Freunek, Monika