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Bank Asset Liability Management Best Practice

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Medium: Buch
ISBN: 978-3-11-066654-0
Verlag: De Gruyter
Erscheinungstermin: 19.04.2021
vorbestellbar, Erscheinungstermin ca. April 2021
As bankers incorporate more and more complicated and precise calculations and models, a solely mathematical approach will fail to confirm the viability of their business. This book explains how to combine ALM concepts with the emotional intelligence of managers in order to maintain the financial health of a bank, and quickly react to external environment challenges and banks’ microclimate changes. ALM embraces not only balance sheet targets setting, instruments and methodologies to achieve the targets, but also the correct and holistic understanding of processes that should be set up in a bank to prove its prudency and compliance with internal and external constraints, requirements and limitations and the ongoing continuity of its operations. Bank Asset Liability Management Best Practice delves into the philosophy of ALM, discusses the interrelation of processes inside the bank, and argues that every little change in one aspect of the bank processes has an impact on its other parts. The author discusses the changing role of ALM and its historical and current concepts, its strengths and weaknesses, and future threats and opportunities.


  • Artikelnummer: 9783110666540
  • Medium: Buch
  • ISBN: 978-3-11-066654-0
  • Verlag: De Gruyter
  • Erscheinungstermin: 19.04.2021
  • Sprache(n): Englisch
  • Auflage: 1. Auflage 2021
  • Serie: The Moorad Choudhry Global Banking Series
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Bardaeva, Polina

Part 1. The changing role of ALM - The need for emersion of ALM as a banking function
- Definition of ALM
- Factors impacting the balance sheet
- Historical ALM concepts
- Current ALM concept and its instruments
Part 2. Strengths and weaknesses of ALM - ALM view on bank’s scope of tasks
- ALM areas of responsibility
- ALM added value in bank’s strategic tasks
- Conflicts of interest around ALM
Part 3. Threats and opportunities for ALM - Regulatory requirements updates and their impact on bank’s activities
- Wider role of ALM in response to new challenges
- Increasing role of interrelation of all banking areas